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Springs have light golden colouring, often including golden freckles
and gold highlights to their natural hair color.
The Spring palette consists of clear, bright colours in the warm spectrum.
The wardrobe base color is a bright navy.
Best colours are peach, apricot, salmon, coral, turquoise, periwinkle blue, and yellow-greens.
Worst colours are black, white, and grey.

Summers have delicate pink colouring with ash tones to their hair.
The Summer palette consists of soft colours in the cool spectrum.
The wardrobe base color is navy.
Best colours are soft blues, blue greens, rose, mauve, taupe, blue-grays,
pearl gray, burgundy, and navy.
Worst colours are orange, gold, and black.

Autumns have warm coppery colouring.
The Autumn palette consists of muted warm colours usually known as
the earth tones.
The wardrobe base color is chocolate brown.
Best colours are olive green, rust, terra cotta, orange-red, and gold.
Worst colours are royal blue, pink, gray, and black.

Winters have strong, dramatic colouring with blue-base skin tones (porcelain or olive) and dark hair, which changes to salt and pepper,
then bright silver or white.
The Winter palette is black, white, and strong cold colours.
The wardrobe base color is black.
Best colours are black, white, charcoal gray, royal blue, magenta, and
emerald green.
Worst colours are olive green, mustard, gold, and orange.

(Note: We caution you against self-diagnosis as you may be a combination of seasons. For a free color analysis, please call to book an appointment at the Workshop at 416-250-0079)